Consignment Process

Consignment agreement term is for 90days.  70/30 split for luxury Handbags* See definition page for more details.  All other items are a 50/50 split.   Please note that there will be an early termination fee imposed if you decide you want to pick up some, if not all, of your items prior to the agreed upon term of the agreement.  We put forth a lot of effort getting each item ready for sale and this is all out of our pockets.  If its a luxury Handbag, we pay up front to authenticate each item, and print out certificates so that our customers feel comfortable knowing that they are buying something that's guaranteed authentic. We research each item to perfectly price, write a detailed description, take photos of each item and make it accessible on all sales platforms.  So please consider this.  If you planning on pulling something out before the 90days, you're better off keeping it and avoiding the hassles on both sides.

So here's how the consignment process works:

Bring your items in during business hours.  Feel free to browse around while our buyer goes through your items.  We will let you know when its done and you can either take the items we did not take with you or we can donate it for you. 

The second option is to drop off your items in the AM, fill out the drop off sheet, sign and date it, then we call you as soon as the buyer has gone through your items so that you may pick up by the end of the day.  Please note that this is all on a first come first serve basis.  We will do our very best to get through all of your items in a timely manner.  We can not guarantee a specific time.  It can take up to 2 weeks before your items are processed, entered into the system, labelled, photographed, tagged and security sensor put on.  Your 90days begins the date the becomes active.  Not the date of drop off.